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Kisan unions vow protests at villages, blocks, districts | India News

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NEW DELHI: A day after agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar expressed the government’s willingness to discuss farm laws “clause by clause”, farmers’ unions on Tuesday once again rejected the outreach and instead announced plans for protests in several cities. The unions’ protest plans for the next 14 days include organising rallies against the farm laws in Kolkata on Wednesday, Manipur on Saturday, Mumbai on December 22 and Patna on December 29.
They also said they will hold protests at village, block and district levels in different states and while unions claimed the December 14 protests a success, the disruptions were largely in the Delhi-NCR region. “The government is saying it won’t repeal these laws, we are saying we will make you do it,” farmer leader Jagjeet Dallewal said, signalling the unions’ resolve on the 20th day of their protests.
“We are not running away from negotiation, but the government has to pay heed to our demand of repealing the laws,” he said while addressing a joint press conference with other leaders at the Delhi-Haryana Singhu border. Emphasising that their fight had reached a stage where they were determined to win at any cost, they said they decided to observe a ‘Shraddhanjali Diwas’ (homage day) across the country on December 20 for all the farmers who lost their lives during the protest. On the other hand, more farmers’ organisations are coming out in support of the laws.

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